Things not included

The price below does not include mules (those you can hire separately from locals), and we usually do not take mules with us. If you want to take mules, you will still have to carry your own gear and walk all the way. We carry all our food and 2 days' worth of water. In the rainy season finding water poses no problem, in the dry season (Feb. - May) we have to buy it from local guards. We have done this dozens of times with other hikers, food and water was always enough, though be prepared for rice, beans and tortillas.
The 5-day trek includes La Florida, Tintal, La Muerta and one whole day at El Mirador (El Tigre, La Danta and a handful of smaller sites). If you want to visit other sites (Naachtuun, Porvenir, Xulnal, Nakbe, Wakna, Paixban, Rio Azul etc.) we need more days or be prepared to walk 12-16 hours a day. Everyone helps prepare a hot dinner, cold breakfast and lunch. If you do not have this either buy it or you can rent design jungle hammocks (Henessy) from someone here in Carmelita. Way more comfortable.

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