El Mirador Hike new dates!

After a bit of thinking, we realised all relevant info we can supply is already published in this blog, so we do not need to be online all the time to answer questions. That means we will have plenty of time to do our beloved jungle hikes. So if you don´t get a reply to your email or our phone is off, just check these dates below, select one, and call us from Flores the night before the departure day. We can confirm if there is any free space, and you can be on the 5 am bus to Carmelita, arriving at around 10, and leaving at once for the hike. If this is too quick, arrive a day early.

The dates of our planned 5-day El Mirador hikes are:

2010: December 5-9, 12-17, 20-25,
2011: January 3-8, 11-16, 19-24, 27-31

Longer and different trips will have to be organised through email...


  1. You guys should be back by now. Why no updates?

  2. It is not only El Mirador we travel to, and thos other places have no internet either:)

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