Final price for El Mirador Hike!

Our price is 100 US$ per person for a group of at least 5 persons for the 5 day hike. This includes our travel and living expenses before, during and after the trip, all food and water during the hike, water purification equipment, cooking gear, camping gear, map and general info in weather-proof case, first-aid kit, permits and real, informative guiding (in English) and transportation from and to Flores. Every extra day will cost 20 US$ per person, for less days we subtract the amount (a 3-day trek would cost 60 USD per person for a group of 5). We do not have the energy to organize groups, so all depends on what networking skills the first applicants have. The trip starts and ends in Carmelita, you will probably have to get here on your own if we have another trip prior.
Call us if you are already in Carmelita: 4615-4894

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