April 26 hike in Spanish

Sorry folks, our volunteers bailed out, so we will have to cancel the English guiding part of our 26th hike. Spanish speaking local guides can be arranged at will from Carmelita (link to contacts on the right side) and you can still download our online guide book for free - it contains more info than is usually told by our guides on the hikes.


Our guides on the hikes

Please note that our hikes are guided by a different member of our team each time. Ron and Jack, who have done the most guiding so far are obviously better known, and hikers might be disappointed to hear it will not be them leading the hike, but any of the 5 volunteer guides working with us at the moment. Be assured, all of us have the same amount of information on the site and can provide the same data on plant, animals and ruins at El Mirador. As of April this year, we automatically employ at least one local guide from Carmelita on each hike, if there is a big group then more. That can mean up to 4-5 locals being offered a job per week, making hikes extra safe no matter who is the English guide, and giving us more time to work on the museum and other projects.


The El Mirador Field Guides

The new flagship of our efforts to raise funds for the museum and nature exhibit in Carmelita: The El Mirador Guide. Three volumes of pure hiking information and field guides are available for download in PDF format.

Working as volunteers we tend to believe in mankind, so these guides are free to download, print and distribute as long as they are not altered. In exchange, if you feel that they helped you during your hike, we expect you to make a donation of your choice to support our goals listed in the header of the blog.

Maps, photos and new information will be added continuously and the general information collected from the internet will be rewritten eventually depending on how much time we have between guiding hikes. The three volumes of the guidebook:

El Mirador Guide: THE HIKE

El Mirador Guide: PLANTS

El Mirador Guide: ANIMALS

 Any recommendations or corrections are thankfully accepted!


April hikes

We will be leading a film crew to Rio Azul this week, so the April 5th El Mirador Hike is canceled, no meeting the day before.

Our next scheduled hike (four hikers so far) starts on Tuesday (12th April), with registration at Cafe El Zotz, Flores on Monday (11th April) at 5 pm.

And then we have two interested hikers for the 19th April hike, more needed...